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Mars Sunrise: View a sunrise over ancient watery Mars as Vallis Marineris glistens.  37 seconds

The Martian ALH meteorite is believed to have been blasted from the surface of Mars some 15 million years ago resulting in an eventual meteorite fall on Earth some 13, 000 years ago and one of the oldest pieces of the Solar System.  27 seconds

Red Giant:  Our Sun as it expands to red giant stage destroying planet Earth.  29 seconds

Planetary Nebula:  A red giant star expels its outer envelope leaving a white dwarf core surrounded by a planetary nebula.  44 seconds

Two Winter Nights:  Two nights of time-lapse all-sky photography, dusk till dawn, as viewed from the high desert of Southern Arizona.  Dome master resolution approximately 2363x2363.  Both sequences reveal a stunning view of the Zodiacal Light with moonrise observed late in the first sequence.  42 seconds

Proplyd:  A view of a protostar and a hypothetical, newly forming solar system (protoplanetary disc) buried deep within one of the "proplyds" of the Orion Nebula.  34 seconds

Comet - Jupiter:  A passing comet is captured by the Jovian system and hurtled inward, passing Io, toward the massive planet.  22 seconds

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