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Former Director
Bishop Planetarium, Bradenton, FL

Former Astronomer, Educator & Producer
Bishop Planetarium, Bradenton, FL
Bays Mountain Planetarium, Kingsport, TN

Former President
Southeastern Planetarium Association (SEPA)

International Planetarium Society (IPS)
Paul W. Campbell Fellowship Award (SEPA)

Executive Director Award (3x)
International Dark Sky Association

Current Memberships
International Dark-Sky Association (IDA)
The Planetary Society  
National Space Society
International Planetarium Society 
Astronomical League
Various U.S. Regional Planetarium Societies
Various U.S. Astronomy Clubs and Affiliate


Geographics Imaging and Consulting can assist you in all areas of planetarium technology and programming.  I bring over 40 years of experience in planetarium education and benchmarking, star show production, and facility administration to your decision making process.

My relationship with a wide array of planetarium vendors, and a comprehensive in-depth knowledge of their products, allows me to provide you with the information essential to meet your specific educational, entertainment and economic requirements.  My insight will prove invaluable in resolving existing equipment upgrades or determining the best dome size and technology for your latest theater.  I can also put together a team of select vendors that will provide the desired level of specialization required to operate your facility.

My personal network of planetarium professionals provides a virtual encyclopedia of answers to the most esoteric problems in day-to-day operations.  As a consultant, I'll look out for your best interest, helping you make informed decisions based on your specific needs.

Geographics Imaging is a comprehensive source for your production needs.  Whether it's visual content, a script, or soundtrack assembly.  I can assist you with program components or develop a total production.  A few star shows 

 I specialize in digital animation content and offer some of the finest, scientifically accurate, and visually stunning sequences available to the education media community.  If you need digital video for your project, whether in a flat screen or an all-dome format, Geographics Imaging has hours of material ready for immediate delivery. 

With over 45 years experience in observational astronomy, observatory and telescope design, I can also help you bring the real sky closer to your visitors.  This expertise in astronomical observation and photography has enabled me to build a library of selected images for use in your programs.  New images are constantly being collected for my library archives. 

Many planetariums use panoramic and all-sky slide systems.  I offer a selection of actual images from various astronomical sites or interesting locations.  I also can provide custom content by coming to your site or special location to make a set of images for your facility using the highest quality equipment and lenses.

I can help!  Call or write me with your needs...
Theater design and layout, Star projection systems, Automation systems, Projection gallery design, Video technology, Special effects,
Laser lightshows (indoors and outdoors), Theatrical lighting, Production areas, Budgeting, Staffing, Show design and production,
Fundraising, Promotion and advertising, Electronic and optical equipment, Facility upgrades, Film and CCD imaging

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