Comet Nucleus: The nucleus of a comet tumbles slowly through space, shedding debris and gases as its surface is warmed by the sun.  25 seconds

Super Nova: At the end of its life, the core of a massive star implodes causing a supernova. The outer envelope of the old star is expelled into space, revealing the white-hot stellar core, now a neutron star.  27 seconds

KT ImpactSixty-five million years ago, a 10-kilometer-wide asteroid struck what is now the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. This animation depicts a titanic cloud of smoke and ash rising over the impact site.  30 seconds


Earth RingA ring of debris circles the young Earth. Collisions between ring particles begin to occur, the first steps toward the formation of our moon.  40 seconds

Ring MoonThe newly-formed moon continues to grow as it sweeps up particles in the debris ring.  30 seconds

Earth Ring MoonThis is another view of the previous scene in which we pull away from Earth and see the young moon carving out a gap in the debris ring.  97 seconds

Ancient MarsThis hypothetical depiction shows a young, wet Mars with oceans of water and active volcanoes. Late in the animation this view of Mars crossfades with the dry Mars we know today.  103 seconds 

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