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* License and appropriate production credit required

        Interstell Animations Disk 1 (The Solar System)   $695.00 + shipping
        Interstell Animations Disk 2 (Impacts, Collisions & Explosions)   $695.00 + shipping
            **Collection disk formats; MPEG 2, Mov, and
                uncompressed AVI files... you provide the HDD

        720 x 480 Individual Animation Clips
            $200.00 per minute (not-for- profit)

        Multiple distribution license
            $200.00 per minute (not-for- profit)

        Hi-Def Individual animation clips $Call
        Hi-Def for broadcast $Call


         * License and appropriate production credit required
            Large Dome (up to 4K Resolution) $800.00 Per minute
            Medium Dome (up to 2.5K Resolution) $520.00 Per minute
            Small Dome (up to 1024 resolution) $280.00 Per minute
            Develop Original Dome Content $Call
            Note: Full-dome pricing is negotiable based on quantity

          Full Dome Shows

             (please note: prices do not include cost for hard drive and shipping) 

        The Alien Who Stole Christmas (includes 50 yr. site license)
                Portable Dome (<1600 pixels)    Call for pricing
                     Small Dome (<1600 pixels)    $2,000.00  U.S.                     
                     Medium Dome (1600-2560 pixels)    $3,000.00 U.S.
                     Large Dome (>2560-4096 pixels)    $4,000.00 U.S.

         FireFall  (includes 50 yr. site license)
                     Portable Dome (<1600 pixels)    Call for pricing
                     Small Dome (<1600 pixels)    $3,000 U.S.
                     Medium Dome (1600-2560 pixels)    $5,000.00 U.S.
                     Large Dome (>2560-4096 pixels)    $7,500.00 U.S.  


* License and appropriate credit required
         $.04 per pixel (for example... 1024 resolution... 1024 x .04 = $40.96)

      Special Items
        Jonn Serrie
            Professional Space Music Library with License (Includes 20 CDs) 

                    15' to 39' Domes        $2,000
                    40' to 59' Domes        $3,000
                    60' + or vendors         $4,000
            Live Concert Series $Call

        Consulting  $Call

           Custom Photography  $Call

            Custom Hi-Def Videography  $Call

                            ****PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice****


The three images above show a home theater project in Sarasota, FL using an astronomy theme with custom design work and development from GeoGraphics Imaging.

Call us with your special or unusual needs

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