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Mimas:  A large body collides with the moon Mimas some 4.1 billion years ago, creating the crater we see today, known as Herschel.  40 seconds

Saturn Rings & Moons:  Begins by examining the countless small particles, ranging in size from micometers to meters that orbit Saturn, then pulls back to show the Saturnian System.  30 seconds

Solar Eclipse From Space:  A view of a total Solar Eclipse as viewed from only a few hundred miles above Earth.  68 seconds

Titan:  A close up view of Saturn's largest moon Titan.  30 seconds

Europe Impact: A barrage of asteroid debris strikes Europe at night.  35 seconds

ExoPlanet: An extrasolar planet (exoplanet) forms around a distant star, birthing from a nebulas cocoon.  30 seconds

Tethys: A journey across the surface of Saturn's mid-sized moon Tethys, as the host planet looms in the distance.  30 seconds.

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