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Solar System Journey:  A brief flight through the Solar System from Mercury out through the Oort Cloud.  90 seconds

Extrasolar Planet:   Dust, debris, planets and moons abound in this view within a planetary system beyond our Solar System.  As of Aug 1, 2012, over 777 such exoplanets have been identified.  It is believed at least 160 billion of these planets may exist in the Milky Way Galaxy alone.34 seconds

Protoplanet:  The surface of a planetary embryo, is bombarded as kilometer-sized planetesimals that attract each other gravitationally collide, adding mass to the fledgling world.  37 seconds

Super-Earth:  An exoplanet known as a Super-Earth, with a mass higher than Earth's, is seen along with other solar system members orbiting about a young star system, enveloped within a nebula's cocoon.  25 seconds

Comet Swarm: Unlocked from their gravitational home in the far depths of the solar system, a swarm of comets plummet towards the Sun.  20 seconds

Dawn: As the Earth rotates West to East, the Sun slowly rises over the United States.  25 seconds

Quasar: Set above the moon of a rogue planet that is drifting through space unattached to a star, on the edge of a galaxy somewhere, one in a dense cluster of galaxies, a neighboring galaxy with a very active galactic nucleus - a quasar - undergoes a flare-up.30 seconds

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