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Comet-Jupiter Impact:  A passing comet, captured by the Jovian system, collides with the massive planet.  Lightning is observed briefly following the event, in the gas giant's dynamic atmosphere.  27 seconds

Comet-Formation:  First viewed through the coma, a comet's nucleus tumbles toward the Sun.   As it recedes from the observer and nears the Sun, the dust and plasma tails begin to form.  60 seconds

Star Birth:  The accumulation of dust and gas (known as accretion) occurs within the heart of a nebula and a star is born.  22 seconds

Asteroid Strike:   An asteroid strikes the eastern Mediterranean Sea.  Such marine impacts can cause tsunamis.  17 seconds

Asteroid Collision:   Several recent incidents indicate that collisions among asteroids may not be uncommon.  18 seconds

Saturn Passage: A flyby of the ringed world Saturn, briefly passing through its ring system. 25 seconds

Saturn Ring Passage: A close encounter with the debris which forms Saturn's ring system. 31 seconds

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